Our 2018 Presentation

With Flying Colours Adults

Below are the fontline costmes for the adult section.

    Purple Peacock

    Costume Type : Adults

    The Purple Peacock commands attention wherever it goes. On Carnival Tuesday, the world will be in awe.

    Carmine Bee-Eater

    Costume Type : Adults

    The Carmine Bee-Eater hails from Africa. It’s red and mint green design is an alluring sight to behold

    Black Backed Kingfisher

    Costume Type : Adults

    This Orient native compensates for being petite with an exquisite diversity of colours

    Madagascan Sunset Moth

    Costume Type : Adults

    This confident creature chooses to only fly during the day, in order to flaunt its vibrant colours for all the world to see.

    Toco Toucan

    Costume Type : Adults

    The Toco Toucan very proudly soars through the Central and South American rainforest as the Mirage Toco Toucans will proudly parade the streets on Carnival Tuesday.


Below are the costumes for persons eleven to fifteen


Below are the

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